NGOs tell leaders to respect the Presidency

By Margaret Kalekye/Release

The NGOs Council of Kenya has condemned recent reckless utterances by political leaders during rallies.

In a statement, the council urged the political leaders to respect the Presidency as a sign of national unity.

Of concern the council said was the public exchanges between some Governors and President that it said could cause animosity among the citizens ahead of August 2017 Elections is paramount.

“We urge Kenya’s Political leaders and parties to observe political tolerance whenever they address issues of concern. We condemn recent reckless utterance by leaders public meetings /rallies i.e public exchanges between some Governor and President that may cause animosity among the people. Unity of  all the Kenyan People  ahead of August 2017 Elections is paramount.” said Stephen Cheboi, the national chairman.

The statement by the council is in response to a recent heated exchange between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Turkana governor Josephat Nanok.

The clash was sparked by Nanok’s remarks over the sharing of oil revenue between the national and county governments. The Governor had insinuated that the President had interests in the county’s oil.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has also directly attacked the President whom he has accused of taking credit for development projects

The council has advised the leaders to be tolerant and find other avenues to amicably sort out issues.

“We urge Political leaders to always respect the Presidency which is a sign national unity. Leaders should engage constructively on issues affecting the Kenyan people without creating animosity” he said.

The Council has consequently urged the police and other authorities not to accept parallel political meetings and gatherings to avoid situations that may cause chaos and divisions among the people.

“We urge all Kenyans to be united at all times. Peace for all Kenyans is Paramount in Kenya. Dialogue on issues is the best way” stated Cheboi.