President Kenyatta: Jubilee is a government of action

By PSCU/Christine Muchira

President  Uhuru Kenyatta has  criticized opposition leaders for spreading lies and propaganda yet they have nothing to show for the time they served in government.

The President said it is unfortunate that opposition chiefs led by Raila Odinga are fond of criticising the government yet for the many years they have been in government they did nothing to improve the lives of Kenyans.

The President was speaking in Witu town, Lamu County, when he commissioned the construction of the Kshs 10.8 billion Garsen-Witu-Lamu road which will be the first tarmacked road in the County.

“He can, for example, come here, sees the ongoing road construction and still declare that the Jubilee Government has done nothing” said the President.

 “Yet, the road Raila has used is the same being built by Jubilee. Is this real a person to be trusted?” President Kenyatta asked Lamu residents.

He therefore, urged Lamu leaders and the residents to unite and support the government in the implementation of development projects aimed at improving their lives.

He cautioned them against opposition leaders whose agenda is only to create animosity and divisions amongst Kenyans.

“These people have been in government for a combined 100 years, yet there is no development to their name at the coast,” said President Kenyatta, but in jubilee “We are action oriented leaders. We are not people of empty talk.”

The President said the tarmacking of the Garsen-Witu-Lamu road  is historic as it would now open Lamu County to business and investment.

“This is indeed a historic day, the residents of Lamu have for a long time longed for the tarmacking of this road. No longer will Lamu residents feel marginalized. With the tarmacking of this road security will be assured and the economy will improve,” said the President.

The construction of the 135 Km road project which is expected to be completed in 2019 starts at Garsen Juction with the Malindi-Garissa Road and ends at Mokowe in Lamu.

“I am so happy, for so long I have seen  how Lamu residents have been suffering  because of poor road infrastructure, I want weekly briefing on the progress of this project,” said the President.

The Head of State pointed out that since taking over the reins of power, the country has made tremendous progress in the last four years as compared to what was achieved by the past administrations.

He singled out power connections saying currently the people of Lamu no longer depend on diesel powered generators for their electricity.

On health facilities, the President said the national government is partnering with Lamu County government to rehabilitate and equip hospitals within County.

He said already the national government has released Ksh 100 million to rehabilitate and upgrade King Fahd hospital.

“We don’t want the issue of marginalization to continue in this country. Our aim is to ensure all Kenyans are served equally and access all the basic services they require in their localities,” said the President.

The President said through Managed Equipment Services, hospitals in Faza Island, Mpeketoni, Mokowe are being equipped while rehabilitation is ongoing in other county health facilities to ensure the residents access similar services as other Kenyans elsewhere.

Deputy President William Ruto said the Jubilee Administration has achieved a lot in the shortest period it has been in power saying in 2013 only 15,000 Lamu residents accessed electricity and now a total of 38,000  residents are connected to the national grid.

He also said the national government has allocated Kshs 500 million and Kshs 300 million for Lamu and Faza hospitals respectively in order to equip them with modern medical facilities under the Managed Equipment Services (MES) programme.

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy said he has no time for empty rhetoric and said he will continue working with President Kenyatta’s government to improve on the livelihoods of Lamu residents.

Other speakers included Tana River Governor Hussein Daado and Lamu West MP Julius Ndegwa.