Let’s work together in Jubilee for development, President urges Kilifi residents


President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged residents of Kilifi County to support Jubilee, saying the party is focused on improving their lives.

President Kenyatta said unlike the Opposition, which has no development agenda, the Jubilee Party’s development record is open for all Kenyans to see not only in Kilifi County but across the country.

“While the Opposition has expended its energy spreading propaganda, lies and preaching divisive politics, Jubilee has been working and implementing development projects to uplift lives of all Kenyans,” President Kenyatta said.

The President was speaking Thursday when he addressed thousands of residents at Marekebuni, Gongoni and Ganda where he launched the Ksh 1.5 billion Sabaki – Marekebuni – Majengo – Marafa  road and the Ksh 2.3 billion Kakuyuni-Gongoni and Kakuyuni-Kilifi pipeline project that will provide water to over 300,000 residents as well as inspected the progress of the construction of the Ksh 4.2 billion  Malindi – Kakoneni – Sala Gate road respectively.

President Kenyatta was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto and a host of Coast leaders including Members of Parliament Harrison Kombe (Magarini), Gideon Mungaro (Kilifi North), Mustafa Idd (Kilifi South), Peter Shehe (Ganze) and Gonzi Rai (Kinango) as well as Tana River Governor Hussein Dado and Kilifi Deputy Governor Kenneth Kamto among others.

“We have come back to fulfill the pledge we made about the roads and the water project. But more importantly, we have come to prove our Opponents wrong. We are not implementing projects because of politics but because we genuinely want to transform the lives of Kenyans across the country,” President Kenyatta said.

Deputy President Ruto urged Kilifi residents to ask the Opposition why they did not implement the projects that the Jubilee Government is implementing in the county now when they were in Government holding senior positions.

Saying agriculture is a devolved function, the Deputy President Kilifi said the residents also had a right to be told why they were still suffering from hunger when their county government was fourth countrywide in terms of funds allocation from the National Treasury.

“Let the Governor tell you where those huge financial resources that are allocated annually go,” the Deputy President told the residents.

He called on the residents not to gamble with their lives by voting for the Opposition come the general election in August.

“You have all witnessed the projects we have already implemented and those that we are still implementing. I am sure you now know that the difference between Jubilee and the Opposition is like day and night, and you will walk with us on this path of unity and progress,” he said.

Magarini MP Harrison Kombe thanked President Kenyatta and his Deputy for the development projects implemented in Kilifi County and especially in his constituency.

He cited the Sabaki – Marekebuni – Majengo – Marafa  road, Kakuyuni-Gongoni, Kakuyuni-Kilifi pipeline project, the Kadzandani electricity project as well as the issuance of title deeds, saying the Jubilee Government has fulfilled the promise it made to the residents.

“The development projects we are witnessing are the fruits of being in Government. That is why we have to support Jubilee, the party of progress,” Mr Kombe said.

President Kenyatta and his deputy, who had earlier launched the tarmacking of Witu – Lamu road at Witu, also addressed thousands of residents in Malindi town before they wrapped up their one-day tour of Kilifi and Lamu counties.