8 Ways to Make Money Doing What You Love

By Woman’sDay

Turn your hobby into a career with these tips from business coach Christy Wright.

Whether you’d like to sell your handmade crafts online or turn your neighborhood dog-walking adventures into a lucrative side gig, there has never been a better time to start a business.

Between the many free social media marketing platforms and the countless online tools at your disposal, you could launch your business tomorrow with little more than an idea and a Facebook page. And you’d have a lot of company if you did: As of 2012, nearly 10 million women run their own businesses, a 27% increase from 2007.

Most of us wouldn’t mind using our craft, skill or idea to boost our bank accounts. But what comes along with starting a business—how to set appropriate goals, embrace competition or stay motivated—might seem overwhelming and exhausting, and it might even distract you from your passions. It doesn’t have to! With the tips below, you’ll be off and running in no time.

ways to make money doing what you love

 What’s your motivation for going into business? What excites you about it? Maybe it’s the joy you get from creating, or the satisfaction of planning. Or perhaps it’s using your education, or having the flexibility to work from home and spend more time with your family. Whatever it is, your “why” is the thing that moves, drives and energizes you, and knowing it will keep you motivated when things get tough.

ways to make money doing what you love

 Goals must be specific, measurable and have a time limit. Instead of “My goal is to expand my business,” think, “My goal is to increase orders by 50% by December 31.” With those details, you’ve specified how you want to grow and moved one step closer to creating a strong goal that will work for you.

ways to make money doing what you love

 Think of it this way: A business makes you money; a hobby costs you money. A business can and should be fun, but it has to make money in order to grow and last, and you need to make a profit to validate the time invested in it.