Government seeks to devolve KBC services

By KBC Reporter/KNA

The government is considering devolving the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) to help regional governments effectively steer their development agenda.

Broadcasting and Telecommunications Principal Secretary Samuel Itemere says the state broadcaster has national reach with the Radio division having more than 17 vernacular channels which can be leveraged by the 47 counties to drive their development agenda.

Speaking at the fourth annual devolution conference in Naivasha, Itemere said besides qualified and seasoned personnel, the national broadcaster has a national reach with the Radio division having more than 17 vernacular channels on which the 47 counties can leverage on to drive their development agenda.

According to him, the use of KBC would enable counties cut costs on the venture as they will be required to have to have 40 per cent of local content which could be costly for the regional governments.

Itemere said the Central Government in collaboration with other inter-governmental agencies is working on modalities that will guarantee effective use of local media to promote the diverse development agenda of the regions.

Trans-Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba who was present took issue with the media for highlighting controversial aspects on devolution instead of focusing on success stories.

While the National Cohesion and Integration Commission Chairperson Francis Ole Kaparo came to the defense of the media saying that devolution controversy is a creation of those entrusted to manage public resources at the devolve units calling on county bosses to be transparent and accountable for positive media reportage.

Kaparo said a research by the commission recently revealed a cohesive index of 54 per cent among Kenyans. This he said is indicative of heightening animosity among Kenyan communities.

Kaparo called on politicians to foster integration among Kenyans during the campaigns ahead of the August polls.