NLC revokes expansion of Malindi Airport

By Judith Akolo

The National Lands Commission (NLC) has revoked a land evaluation exercise conducted by the Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) in 2012 for the expansion of Malindi Airport.

Chairman Mohammed Swazuri now says that NLC will conduct a fresh evaluation with a view of kick-starting the stalled process and ensure compensation of the affected families.

Acquisition of land remains a sticky factor in the country that has constantly derailed government efforts to expand or construct national amenities.

This is no different for Malindi International Airport whose expansion has stalled for some time over queries on the need to compensate the affected families.

The situation however is about to change after the National Land Commission moved in to conduct a fresh evaluation that is hoped will iron out issues raised by the residents of Kwa Chocha South.

With the latest move, the NLC has consequently revoked the evaluation conducted by the Kenya Airports Authority citing lack of public participation.

The National Government has released 300 million shillings to compensate 130 families set to be displaced from the 25 hectares of land meant for phase one of Malindi airport expansion.

It is projected that the entire expansion programme for the Malindi airport will cost 5.6 billion shillings.