Huawei brings services closer to customers 

By Beth Nyaga

Huwawei has unveiled a service center through a mutual partnership agreement with Tricom Technologies, one of their key business partners.

The service center will enable customers to leverage on Huawei and Tricom Technologies device experts for advice on hardware maintenance, repairs andcrkur a deeper understanding of Huawei devices.

Nevertheless, the center will act as a physical platform for relationship building with new and repeat device buyers, and the service team will be in a position to collect feedback and recommendations directly from customers.

The partnership with Tricom Technologies intends to ensure that all Huawei customers have easy and convenient access to in-warranty and out-of-warranty services.

This will be achieved by opening multiple authorized service centers, and collection points with other partners across the country.

Apart from Tricom Technologies, Huawei has two other service centers, at Jeevan Bharati building on Harambee Avenue opposite Electricity House in Nairobi and another one on Ambalal House, Nkrumah Road in Mombasa.

These centers are managed by Malibu Telecom.

Hemaobin, noted that the company will scale its maintenance infrastructure and set up 2 more service centers in Kisumu and Nakuru to help customers address various issues they face with Huawei devices.