Political parties agree to subsidise nomination fees for women aspirants

By Samson Kitavi

At least 24 political parties have agreed to subsidize or waive nomination fees for women aspirants.

The political parties which include ODM, Jubilee, Wiper and Narc Kenya among others have subsequently signed a communiqué with the Centre For Multi-Party Democracy (CMD) to that effect.

The development coming at a time the ODM party is warning aspirants engaging in violence that they will not be cleared.

Representatives of the main political parties met with the Centre for Multi-party democracy to take stock of their preparedness as the August election draws closer.

Issues touching on women and politics were predominant during the discussions with the more than 24 political parties among them ODM, Jubilee Party, Wiper, Narc Kenya, and ANC agreeing to sign the communiqué.

Speaking during the event, the CMD chairperson Omingo Magara urged the women aspirants to decamp from crowded political parties in order to stand a fair chance in the coming party nominations.