With this special dock, the Galaxy S8 could transform into a ‘real’ computer


The whole turn-your-phone-into-a-desktop-PC concept isn’t quite dead after all.

When Microsoft tried to turn your phone into a desktop PC with Continuum, it ultimately failed because, well, Windows 10 Mobile flopped.

Now Samsung’s reportedly planning to take a stab at the idea with its upcoming Galaxy S8.


Leaked images of a “DeX Station” from WinFuture.de suggest the Galaxy S8 will have some kind of desktop PC-like mode when connected to the dock.

gal winLike Continuum docks, you’ll reportedly be able to pop the Galaxy S8 into the DeX Station, which is hooked up to a computer display, mouse and keyboard.

The “Galaxy Desktop” experience will be Android-based; it’s unclear what exactly that will look like. It could be a desktop computing experience that’s similar to Chrome OS, or perhaps something entirely different.

As per the leak, the dock can output a 4K resolution display at 30 fps over HDMI, and comes with two USB 3.0 ports, and a 100Mb ethernet port.

A report from AndroidPolice corroborates the S8’s PC-like mode and shows an illustration of it in action:

The dock will reportedly cost 149 euros (about $160), which is sort of pricey and the biggest barrier to these phone-computer solutions.

There’s only a week to go before Samsung officially shows us the Galaxy S8. And while there will be much to be excited for — a larger curved screen, super slim bezels, Bixby, etc. — we’re hoping there will be some surprises that haven’t leaked out.