Bidco refutes claims it barred employees from trade unions

By Kennedy Rioba

Bidco Africa has refuted claims that it barred its employees from joining trade unions.

While appearing before the National Assembly Labor and Social Welfare Committee, the firm’s Corporate Affairs director Judy Momanyi noted that the workers had voluntarily joined the Chemical and Allied Workers Union where their deductions had been fully remitted as per the outstanding agreement.

Bidco Africa management was at pains to explain to the National Assembly Labor and Social Welfare Committee why the firm had not deducted union fees from their workers as mandated by the labor laws.

This was after the firm’s employees alleged that the company had denied them basic labor rights including the right to join trade unions.

The company however denied the allegations saying the workers were free to join trade unions and that out of the 900 workers, 216 had joined the Chemical and Allied Workers Union.

On their petition, the workers also alleged that the company employed and favored expatriates who they claim were not as qualified as their Kenyan counterparts.

When asked about workers’ welfare, Bidco Africa management said it had insured all workers adequately.

The management termed the allegations that the firm has casual workers as false and ill motivated saying that all workers had an employment contract under permanent and pensionable terms.

This is a claim that did not go down well with Matuga Member of Parliament Hassan Mwanyoya.

The Labor committee is expected to visit the company’s premises before writing the final report even as the firm urged for dismissal of the petitions.