Raila was at the centre of 2007 violence, President Kenyatta says


President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused opposition leader Raila Odinga of promoting hatred and incitement that led to the 2007-2008 violence.

He said Raila was at the heart of the violence that rocked Kenya following the 2007 elections as he had promoted politics of tribal antagonism.

President Kenyatta accused the opposition leader of using the same type of politics in the run up to the August polls.

“He was the one who ignited the flames that set Kenya on fire in 2007 when he promoted the politics of what he called 40 tribes against one. Now, he is talking about 40 against 2,” said the President as he dismissed the unfounded claims that the Jubilee Government has excluded some communities in government.

President Kenyatta said Raila pushed the blame to Deputy President William Ruto even though the opposition leader was at the heart of the incitement that led to the killings and destruction nearly 10 years ago.

The President also accused Raila and his brand of politics for making Kenya lose 25 years of development.

“We need to catch up and fill the 25-year gap this country lost due to negative politics,” said the President when he spoke during a leader’s meeting at Nyanturo grounds in Kisii County.

He said Kenya would have been at the same level with the economies of Asian Tigers were it not for the 25 years of bad politics fronted by some leaders, including Rail.

The President said the Jubilee administration was making huge strides in development because they have discarded the old style of governance that was marked by bad politics.

He said the opposition was in a state of denial over Jubilee’s development record because they have are used to doing nothing for the people.

“They are part of the lost years when politics and government yielded nothing for the people,’’ he said. ‘’Jubilee is different.’’

He said the development challenges Kenya has faced are not as result of lack of money, but because of divisive politics.

President Kenyatta made the comments after speaking to Abagusii leaders in a meeting where he laid out plans to improve infrastructure in Kisii and Nyamira counties.

He asked Kenyans to embrace unity and reject those who continue using the politics of division.

“Let us ensure we do not slide back into problems. Do not let anyone tell you that Kenyans cannot forgive each other,” said the President.

He urged the people of the region to work with the Jubilee Government for transformational change.

The President said he was confident that the Jubilee team will defeat the opposition in the upcoming polls.

He said he won the Presidency in 2013 when he was not even in Government against the incumbent Prime Minister and Vice President.

“If we defeated them easily the last time when they were big people in Government, we will defeat them easily again this time round,” said the President.

Deputy President William Ruto announced that the Jubilee Party will make a very strong bid to win the Kisii gubernatorial seat.

He said he has already got an assurance from Kisii Deputy Governor Joseph Maangi that he will support Kisii Senator Chris Obure to win the Governor’s seat. Maangi confirmed that he will be Obure’s deputy.

Obure, who spoke at the meeting, said he decamped to Jubilee because he has realised that the opposition was all talk, but no interest in the people.

“I was on the other side, but i realised it was all empty talk. I have joined Jubilee so that the people of Kisii can be part of Kenya’s transformation,” said Obure.

Other leaders who attended the meeting included MPs Joel Onyancha, Jimmy Angqenyi, Mary Otara, Stehpen Manoti, Elijah Moindi, Zebedeo Opore and the members of the Abagusii council of elders.