Pay cut for next crop of elected leaders

By Beth Nyaga

The next crop of elected leaders should brace for reduced pay perks.

The Salaries and Remuneration commission has recommended to President Uhuru Kenyatta the rationalization of the salaries as well as a new salary structure that will affect those in public service from the President to the Member of County Assembly.

President Kenyatta in his State of the Nation address termed the recommendations as the key to reducing the wage bill that currently takes up 50 percent of generated revenue.

President Kenyatta earlier on Wednesday received from the SRC an interim report outlining the Review of Remuneration and Benefits for State Officers for the period 2017-2022.

This report recommends, amongst other measures, a rationalization of the salaries and allowances paid to senior state officers, public servants, elected officials from MCA all the way to the President.

That will result in a reduction in salaries and allowances for those elected in August this year.

Currently the President earns Ksh.2Million, Deputy President Ksh.1.4Million, Chief Justice Ksh.1.38Million, Cabinet Secretaries and Chief of Defence Forces Ksh.1.12Million, Speakers of the Senate and the National Assembly Ksh. 1.37 Million, Governors Ksh.1.1Million, Senators Ksh.740, 927, Members of Parliament Ksh 740, 920, MCA’s Ksh.300, 000.

Over and above the set salaries by the SRC, they are also entitled to allowances.

The President was decrying the huge wage bill in the country which he says stands at 627 Billion shillings accounting to 50 percent of revenues the government generates

The problem was further compounded by the fact that the money is used to pay 700,000 public servants who account for less than 2 percent of Kenya’s population

The President took the opportunity to enumerate his successes in the war on corruption through what he said was the creation of a legal framework that has enabled the prosecution of suspects as well as freezing of their assets.




President                             2 Million

Deputy President                  1.4 Million

Chief Justice                         1.38million

CS/CDF                                1.12 million

Speakers Senate/NA             1.37 Milliion

Governor                             1.1 Million

Senator                               Ksh.740,927

MPs                                   Ksh.740,920

MCA                                  Ksh.300,000