Formerly conjoined twins to soon join rest of family

By Ann Mburu

The formerly conjoined twins Blessings and Favor who were successfully separated by a team of medical experts at the Kenyatta National Hospital will soon join the rest of their family after they are certified fit to leave the hospital.

The identical twins who have been receiving specialist treatment are healthy and thriving well.

Blessing Kathure and Favor Karimi are close, but the identical twins used to be closer for two years and two months.

On November 1st 2016 they became the only conjoined twins to be successfully separated by a team of highly trained medical experts at Kenyatta National Hospital and Survived.

Their mother Caroline Mukiri is happy that she made the decision optimistic that one day she would look at them and be proud that she chose to separate them.

Though the 23 hour surgery had scary risks, Caroline decided the girls deserved the chance to live independent lives.

Five months after the risky surgery Blessings and Favor have been receiving specialized medical attention from a team of nurses.

They undergo physical, occupational and speech therapy twice a week at Kenyatta Hospital.

Blessings however walks with a limp after the surgery but occupational therapists say she will be fine after the therapy sessions are completed.

Their mother is also receiving support from the hospital as well as part of its holistic treatment plan, which entails extensive counseling.

Nurses at the hospital marvel at how the girls are doing well.

The identical twins are thriving, healthy, active, full of energy and happy.

They are best friends but have very different personalities.

Blessings is a bundle of energy and often full of life but shrinks when people approach and reaches out for playing toys her sister has.

Unlike her, Favor is easy going and smiles at people who come near her.

Caroline says life has become normal for the girls that she at times marvel at how special they are.

On Valentine’s Day they took their first walk outside the hospital gate when they were taken to the Nairobi animal orphanage to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Blessings and Favor are expected to be out of Kenyatta National Hospital anytime to enjoy the possibilities life has for them as separate individuals.