First Lady joins women in national prayers for peaceful polls


Hundreds of women Friday rose up in national prayer imploring God for peaceful elections during the August polls.

The women who were drawn from all parts of the country also petitioned God to save the family which they said was under siege from domestic violence, drugs and addiction.

The interdenominational prayer breakfast, attended by the First Lady as the Chief Guest, was organized under the aegis of the National Assembly Lady Spouses Association of Kenya (Nalsa-K)  which is chaired by Mrs Jackie Kiaraho. The First Lady is its patron.

The Prayer Breakfast was held at the St Andrew’s PCEA Church, Nairobi.

On the coming polls , the “the mothers of faith” petitioned God that only humble leaders who are not driven by greed and selfishness should  be elected  to the 12th parliament.

Besides the elections and the family, the women made further supplications to God  asking for an end to runaway corruption  across   various institutions  including the church, unnecessary killings occasioned by road accidents, homicides and abortion.

Ethnic violence, witchcraft among politicians seeking elective posts, broken covenants (agreements and MOUs), oppression of the weak and unhealthy competition for leadership positions were the other key issues that dominated the six-hour prayer session.

Among the “prayer warriors” were renown preachers including Dr. Esther Obasi Ike,  Reverends Judy Mbugua, Joyce Kariuki, Evangelist Lucy wa Ngunjiri and Pastor Lucy Nyambura among other supplicants.

“When women Pray, something big will happen. God will answer our prayers”, said Mrs Veronica Muchiri, PCEA Woman’s Guild National Co-ordinator

The women said they will not allow the country to slide to the ugly abyss  experienced  during the 2007/2008 general  elections.

“We are ready to push (in prayer) until  Kenya is peaceful, even after the August  elections. We are going to give birth to a new Kenya where all can live in peace and unity”, added Mrs Muchiri

All the women speakers emphasized that they must  boldly rise and say “NO” to anything that disturbs national peace during and after the elections.

“There will be no chaos in Kenya because women have prayed. There is power when women gather to pray. Women have innate power to change many things including political outcomes”, said Rev Mbugua.

The women announced that today’s prayer session was a precursor to another national prayer meeting slated for April 8 where they plan to mobilize over 10,000 women at Kasarani International Sports Centre.

On her part, the First Lady said it was a tragedy to have the family recklessly broken and dreams stolen through activities of insecurity adding it is the wish of every mother to raise children in a peaceful environment.

“As women, we know the disproportionate double risks that violence poses for our gender; as mothers we raise our children in the hope that they will live to their potential”. she said

The First Lady called on Kenya to continue praying earnestly   over the daunting challenges especially throughout this year of elections.

But besides the prayers, she said, all Kenyans must also recognize their individual responsibilities of ensuring that our personal lives and choices align to the values we espouse and want protected in society.

“We must act and ensure that as citizens we are seeking positive social change. Widespread social change can be the result of our cumulative efforts’, she said.

The First Lady said violence poses double risks for women.

The moderator of the General Assembly, PCEA, Rev. Julius Guantai Mwamba delivered the sermon during the prayers.