Uhuru assents to law on powers and privileges of County Assemblies


President Uhuru Kenyatta Wednesday assented to a law that provides for the powers, privileges and immunities of County Assemblies.

The Act which gives effect to Article 196 (3) of the Constitution gives County Assemblies the same status as Parliament where members do not face legal action for what they utter within the designated premises.

The Act defines the precincts of county assemblies and lists the privileges and immunities of members including protection of proceedings from court actions.

A member of the public who is aggrieved by comments made in the assembly is allowed to write to the Clerk to have a response from the person to be recorded and published in a journal or record of the county assembly.

The President also assented to another law that lays out the procedure of approval of public appointments by County Assemblies.

The Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approval) Act, 2017, says an appointment where the approval of the county assemblies is required by law will not be made unless such approval is granted.

The Act also details the criteria to be followed in the vetting process.