Application to help manage diabetes unveiled

By Margaret Kalekye/Release

Kenyans suffering from diabetes and hypertension can now receive regular personalised information on how to manage their conditions thanks to a new mobile application called AfyaPap.

AfyaPap which has been developed by United Kingdom based Technology Company collects subscribers’ personal health data and provides them with customized education.

“The unique aspect of this tool is that it relies on user data to generate regular alerts which cuts out the need to perform searches that produce inconclusive or irrelevant information,” said Baobab CEO Dr. Precious Lunga.

The application is designed to provide a variety of tips that are essential for a healthy lifestyle including diet, physical activity, sexual health and mental wellness. It is also designed to track vital stats like blood glucose.

With input from a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists, AfyaPap also educates users on the complications arising from diabetes and how to recognize its symptoms.

According to a joint 2016 report compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Lancet, the prevalence of diabetes in Kenya was six percent in 2014, which translates to one in every 17 Kenyans suffering from the disease.

“This product is meant to address the gaps that currently exist in diabetic treatment and general modern healthcare.

For Kshs.100 a month, subscribers who suffer from chronic conditions can simply adjust their lifestyle accordingly without the need of doctor appointments for regular checkups,” added Dr. Lunga.

The UK Compnay deployed a messaging health platform in Zimbabwe back in 2014 which saw over 500,000 people sign up within a year.

The company is leveraging on Kenya’s high mobile penetration of 38 million Kenyans as a platform to reach thousands of chronic disease sufferers in the country.

They also plan to work with government agencies and local medical bodies.

“Partnerships are crucial especially where new technology is at play. Working with local agencies is a critical part of enhancing the app and ensuring that many Kenyans receive world class health care at minimal cost,” said Dr. Lunga.

AfyaPap is available on Google Playstore and only works on android devices. Subscribers can enjoy one month free subscription after download.