Keep off Mwea irrigation scheme, President tells politicians


President Uhuru Kenyatta has told Kirinyaga County leaders to stop meddling in the Government’s plan to boost the Mwea irrigation scheme.

The President said a plan by the National Government to construct a mega dam to supply more water for the scheme has been stalled by politicians.

Speaking when he toured Kirinyaga County, which is home to the Mwea irrigation scheme, the President said the Government will not tolerate any more interference from politicians.

“I will come back to Mwea and we will hold a meeting where those who have been blocking this project will be named,” said the President when he spoke in Ngurubani.

The Government has allocated enough funds to improve the scheme and majority of those displaced by the dam have been compensated while Sh696 million has already been spent to compensate for land for irrigation canals.

A total of Sh4.1 billion has already been paid as compensation to those displaced by the Dam Site and 350 acres has already acquired 350 for resettlement.