Police probe ‘alarming’ social media post by scribe

By Anthony Kaikai

Police are investigating an allegedly alarming social media post attributed to a certain media personality.

In a statement, Inspector general of police Joseph Boinnet has termed the allegations being circulated through that the post that there  plans to rig  the forth coming general election as malicious and aimed at causing tension in the country.

With only months to the general elections, police are now keeping a keen eye on individuals posting inflammatory statement on social media likely to generate unnecessary tension in the country.

In a statement police say they are investigating an alarming post allegedly shared by a certain media personality who claims there are plans to rig the elections by using a reputable international organization to validate the supposedly illegitimate results once they are made.

Police says such a statement is likely to cause unnecessary panic besides causing needless provocation and incitement.

IG Boinet further warned the public to refrain from making inflammatory statements or they will face serious legal consequences.