Five people perish in Sachangwan accident

By KBC reporter

Five people have died in a road accident at the infamous Sachangwan black spot in Salgaa on Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

The accident happened after a bus ferrying pupils from Western Kenya to Nairobi collided head on with a Nissan matatu.

Rescuers from the Kenya Red Cross were among the first at the scene of the 1 pm accident involving an Easy Coach bus heading to Nairobi from a nissan matatu belong to Prestige Shuttle.

According to witnesses, the bus was speeding when it collided with the smaller vehicle. Four matatu passengers died instantly while four others in the bus sustained serious injuries.

Reports indicate that among the dead are the driver of the matatu, a woman and her baby.

The Easy coach bus had been hired to ferry students traveling to Nairobi after schools closed for the long December holiday.

The fatal accident is one in a series of many that have happened at  Sachang’wan area which is known as a black spot.