President Kenyatta tasks Jubilee aspirants to lead voter registration


More than 6,000 Jubilee aspirants in this year’s General Election met Friday in a huge display of power and determination at Kasarani in Nairobi.

They sang, danced and cheered their leaders at every turn. The aspirants rose to their feet when President Uhuru Kenyatta arrived at the gymnasium straight from India a few minutes to 2pm.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto pushed his trip to Mali ahead by a few hours to be at the meeting.

The Jubilee party had called the meeting to discuss voter registration, party nominations and to also launch the party membership smart card.

President Kenyatta, who is also the Jubilee party leader, urged the aspirants, leaders and party members to go to the grassroots and register many members and voters as this would ensure a clean sweep in the next elections.

The President pledged to reward those who register the highest number of voters from ward to the count level.

 “After the one-month voter registration, we will meet here and give awards for the ward, constituency and county that will register the highest number of voters,” said the President.

The President assured Jubilee aspirants of free, fair and transparent nominations, saying only party members would determine the leaders.

“It is unity that shall make us win. What would you benefit if you fight and in the end the party loses? If you lose the nomination, support the winner because there are many opportunities for all of us in government,” said the President.

He dismissed the Opposition as a propaganda outfit that has no alternative policies or agenda to develop the country.

“Some of these leaders have been in government for 20 to 30 years yet they have nothing to show Kenyans for the time they have been in positions of authority,’’ President Kenyatta said.

He described the Opposition meeting earlier this week as an ‘’assembly of insults’’, which only discussed personalities and was of no purpose to Kenyans.  

The President explained what his trip to India achieved. The government of India, he pointed out, agreed to set up a market in Nairobi for crops that will then be sold in the Asian country.

He also explained that the Indian Government has agreed to work with Kenya to build a cancer hospital in Nairobi. This will be a relief to many Kenyans who, for a long time, have sought treatment in the Asian country.

The President outlined the achievements of the Government, saying a lot of work had been accomplished in the last three and a half years Jubilee has been in office. Health, infrastructure and education were some of the sectors the President said had been transformed.

“In 2013, the country had 34 dialysis machines; now they are 174. There were 37 ICU beds, now they are 60,” the President said.

He also said only 600,000 mothers delivered in public hospitals, while now more than 1.2 million get the services as a result of the government’s free maternity programme.

President Kenyatta also said 290,000 vulnerable people got government financial support in 2013. Today, 714,000 orphans, people with disability and the aged benefit.

On infrastructure, President Kenyatta cited the expansion of the road network, construction of the Standard Gauge Railway and airports. He gave a special mention to the expansion of Mombasa port. In 2013, it was handling 100,000 containers, but now handles 1.2 million.

The President said 3.3 million households have been connected to electricity since Jubilee came to office. Before 2013, only 2.2 million households had been connected.

The Deputy President said unlike in 2013 when Jubilee Coalition faced a formidable opposition, now the opposition is disjointed.

“In 2013, we competed against a Prime Minister and a Vice-President in the Government; today we are facing a clueless, disorganised, rudderless and leaderless opposition,” he said.

The Deputy President announced that every Jubilee aspirant and member is a presidential campaigner.

“When you seek votes as an MCA, MP, governor or senator, you do the same for the President,’’ said the Deputy President.

The Majority Leader in the National Assembly Adan Duale and his counterpart in the Senate Prof Kindiki Kithure also spoke at the Jubilee meeting.