Nairobi Fashion Week coming again this November

By Evelyne Wareh

It is good news for fashion lovers as the Nairobi Fashion Week announced it will be running this month.

The fashion event brings together designers from different countries to showcase their work.

The 4th edition dubbed ‘Mama Afrika’ will be held on 25th and 26th November 2016 at The Concord hotel and Suites situated along Parklands.

The two-day event will see six designers from different countries including the Netherlands will have the stage to show case their creative works every 1900hours to 2200hours.

‘’I am very excited to announce this year’s showcase. It will be better than the last as we always strive to do more and give both our clients and guests a satisfactory show. This year we have five designers from Kenya and the rest are from Africa and one from Netherlands.’’ Joseph Brian the founder of NFW said.

The event will also have pop up exhibitions where guests can walk in any time before the show to interact with designers and exhibitors.