Sink boreholes to deal with water shortage; Experts

By Jeremy Ogolla 

County governments in arid and semi-arid areas are being encouraged to sink bore holes to support economic activities in those areas.

Bon Borehole Driller managing director, Christopher Komen says this will help reduce competition for water which has also fuelled conflicts.

The level of water scarcity in some parts of the country especially the arid and semi-arid areas is a serious limiting factor for development activities.

This has placed people drawn from those areas prone to water borne diseases and conflicts anchored on competition for the scarce resource.

Komen says this will help reduce competition for water that has also limited economic development activities in those areas.

The county governments are also being urged to involve communities and other actors such as NGOs, community organizations and the private sector in the decision making processes about tackling water shortages.

The firm has drilled over 200 boreholes in Turkana, Baringo and Usain Gishu counties.