Mudavadi calls for a ‘Magufuli’ wave on corruption

By KBC Reporter

Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has condemned members of parliament for engaging and abetting sleaze.

The former Deputy Prime Minister said the stealing mania by MPs is a sign of a sick society.

“MPs must re-look at their acts and redirect their efforts to protecting public resources,” said Mudavadi as he wound up his coastal tour of Kwale County.

Mudavadi called for a review of the ethics law to have a provision that requires that all elected and appointed officials declare their wealth publicly before they assume office.

“MPs who were elected to protect public resources through oversight have decided corruption is a free-for-all occupation and have joined the looting spree. It is time to tame greed by having wealth declaration made public at the entry in public service and continuous lifestyle audits”, said the ANC leader.

Mudavadi called for amendments of the Public Officer Ethics (2003) and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (2011) Acts to be in tandem with Chapter Six of the Constitution and to provide for public declaration of wealth and periodic lifestyle audits.

Mudavadi said in the current form, the two acts remain public relations documents that hoodwink Kenyans that we are serious in the war against corruption.

He said stricter provisions to provide for greater integrity and accountability was urgent to curb runaway spree to pilfer public resources.

“The 10th Parliament did a disservice to Kenyans when it reached a gentleman’s agreement to water down legal provisions under Chapter Six,” he said and added, “These has given opportunity to public officials to loot with abandon because of the perception that the Jubilee government cordons corruption.”

Mudavadi who presided over a fundraiser for Lunguma secondary school that was renamed after him asked MPs to resist the temptation to amend the two laws as this is the only way to begin to ride on the “Magufuli wave” in the fight against corruption.

The former Deputy Prime Minister called on the public and religious leaders to help fight corruption saying it is in public interest that the vice is nipped in the bud.

“We must ride on the “Magufuli wave” that is catching on fast in neighboring Tanzania, for us to curb wastage and theft of public resources, otherwise Kenya risks isolation as the enclave of corruption in the Eastern Africa region. That will not be good for business investment”, he said.