Kenya Power launches business intelligence system

By Christine Muchira/Release

Kenya Power Wednesday launched a technology-driven process that will help management and other end users to make more informed business decisions.

The Business Intelligence System (BIS), an automated system, will consolidate data from all key operational sources to provide a single view of enterprise data and in turn offer unparalleled insight into the Company’s operations and allow instant decision making to improve efficiency.

The system encompasses a wide variety of tools and applications that will enable Kenya Power to collect data from internal and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data and create reports to make the analytical results available to corporate decision makers and operational workers.

“A data-based approach to strategic decision making is important for increasing efficiency and competitiveness and meeting external demands for accountability,” said Kenya Power’s Ag. Managing Director & CEO Dr. Ken Tarus.

He added that “Performance monitoring and the desire for accurate, timely and regular information has necessitated the need for the Business Intelligence System”.

Kenya Power generates a lot of data and information annually that is used to inform decision making and planning process at different levels within the organization.

The Business Intelligence System will therefore enable the Company to understand its business and business environment. In addition, through continuous performance evaluation using the BIS, management will know if their strategies are sound and if they are being implemented effectively.

The system has been procured from Symphony who are supplying IBM technology.

The consultants have been working with Kenya Power since May 2014 and have been involved in development of the system and collection of information from various systems currently in use within Kenya Power.