Jubilee in Conflict with Negotiated Democracy

By Moses Wekesa

Jubilee aspirants in Trans Nzoia have rejected the on-going negotiated democracy aimed at uniting residents through sharing of political slots among communities.

Led by Joshua Arap Sang who is eyeing Trans Nzoia gubernatorial seat, the aspirants faulted the initiators of the process saying they did not consult widely.

“We reject in totality the on-going negotiations and declare that we shall not be party to any of its deliberations,” he said.

He was speaking to the media at a Kitale hotel on Saturday after holding lengthy discussions with 11 other jubilee aspirants of various seats.

The famous Mabanga Accord has allowed communities to share political seats as a way of promoting harmony in Bungoma and Trans Nzoia. Jubilee is however considering to have negotiated democracy among the party in the region to avoid an acrimonious fall out.


Former Kwanza MP and Forestry and Wildlife Minister Dr. Noah Wekesa who is also the chair of Inter-communal negotiations defends the planned negotiations.Former Minister Noah Wekesa and a business man Joel Gesuka said the negotiations are meant to accommodate all the communities in leadership within the jubilee party and enhance cohesion.


He said Trans Nzoia being a multi ethnic county, communities have different voting strength and electorates tend to vote for their own tribes. “We identified 11 communities according to their strength to ensure that communities fully participate in the election process,” he added.