Sasini to invest Kshs 600 million in new ventures

By Caroline Njenga

Listed agricultural firm, Sasini Limited is diversifying into the avocado export business to increase revenue streams.

The company has earmarked 600 million shillings to invest in three new areas comprising avocado export business, an embryo production centre and macadamia farming over the next three years.

Sasini limited has embarked on inter-planting macadamia with coffee bushes at desirable spacing which will not compromise on coffee production.

According to group chairman Naushad Merali the move is expected to generate a further 300,000 shillings per hectares within the next six years.

From Sasini’s established nurseries, the company aims to produce at least 200,000 macadamia seedlings every year to be sold to farmers at subsidized rates.

The company has also earmarked 50 million shillings to finance a pilot project on avocado export business.

Sasini plans to construct a state of the art avocado processing factory next year and also carrying out a feasibility study with a view to expanding its footprints in the dairy industry by rationalizing the dairy herd and constructing an embryo production centre.

They plan to continue restructuring the company operations by disposing of non-performing assets to strengthen its balance sheet.