CA seeks to connect over 800 schools with internet

By Ronald Owili

The Communications Authority is seeking to connect 896 secondary schools across the country with internet in order to encourage innovation at an early age.

Director General Francis Wangusi says the process that kicked off last year will see at least 400 schools connected with internet by end of June this year.

All the 47 counties can now access broadband following the finalization of the National Optical Fibre Backbone Infrastructure which connects county headquarters on a 1,600km fibre optic cable that cost the government 6 billion shillings.

The communications authority is now keen on identifying and nurturing young innovators across the country by connecting 447 secondary schools with internet by end of June this year.

Connection of schools with internet is expected to cost taxpayers 837 million shillings.

A study by the International Telecommunications Union found that financing challenges is a major reason for innovative ideas not taking off.

The second stage of the Universal Service Fund where telcos remit 0.5 percent of their gross turnover to the fund will incorporate financing entrepreneurs.

He was speaking during the final workshop on the national digital innovation framework to highlight gaps which hamper growth of in the digital ecosystem.