Clergy proposes measures to cut wage bill

By Lynace Mwashigadi

Religious leaders are proposing a raft of measures to tame the ballooning wage bill even as they wait for implementation of the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC) report that recommends a pay cut for senior state officials after the August polls.

Under the umbrella of Ufungamano Joint Forum of Religious Organizations, the clergy are proposing a 40% pay cut for state officers and re-introduction of small capacity cars of up to 2000 ccs for officials in the executive arm of the government.

Last Wednesday during the State of the Nation address President Uhuru   Kenyatta revealed he was in possession of a report by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission that recommends a pay cut for state officers from members of the County Assembly up to the President.

A standing ovation in the house showed the legislators were in support of the move and now men of cloth have weighed in on the matter.

They are proposing a 40 % pay cut for the executive arm of the government before the August general elections to seal loopholes of amendments by lawmakers in the 12th parliament.

The clergy who called on the SRC and Kenyans to reject the push by MPs to award themselves a hefty send off package amounting to 3.5 billion shillings as compensation for the 7 months remaining from years of service, want the re-introduction of small capacity cars of up to 2000 ccs for cabinet secretaries, senior public servants and MPs to be paid allowances and not salaries as it is customary.

The current public wage bill stands at 627 billion shillings per year, amounting to 50 per cent of the total revenues collected by the Government.

This staggering amount is used to pay the salaries and allowances of 700,000 public officers.

If implemented the clergy’s proposal will affect thousands of civil servants and possibly reduce the deflate ambitions of some of those seeking elective posts in the next General Election.