Co-operative bank Isiolo branch loses Kshs 26m in robbery

By Bruno Mutunga

Customers of Cooperative bank, Isiolo branch were this morning were forced to wait before accessing bank services following a robbery that happened on Monday evening.

Confirming the incident, Isiolo police county commander Mr Charles Ontita said the robbery happened at around 6:30 PM on Monday after the usual bank operations hours were over, leading to the loss of close to 30 million shillings.

He said the exit door at the back of the bank premises was opened by one of the bank staff who let in the robbers.

“The CCTV cameras shows that the robbers tied up all the bank staff before escaping with the cash but no one was injured during the incident”. He said.

In an official statement from the headquarters, the Cooperative bank confirms news of the robbery, but stated that the amount lost was indeed 24 million shillings and not the 30 million shilling figure that the police are working with.

County Commander Ontita also revealed that that eight bank staff members who were inside during the robbery are now helping police with investigations, however one of them who allegedly opened for the robbers escaped arrest, adding that he appeared to have left the scene with the robbers.

This morning one man, suspected to be a friend to the bank staff member who is on the run was also arrested.

Mr Ontita maintains that the police have a good lead to the crime and there is a big possibility of arresting all those involved in the crime and maybe recover the stolen cash.