Talks aimed at resolving doctor’s strike resume

By Lynace Mwashighadi

Talks aimed at resolving doctor’s strike resumed Friday afternoon even as the government maintained that the 2013 CBA the medics are holding on was illegitimate.

Doctors were given a further seven days reprieve from Thursday by the Court of Appeal to conclude talks aimed at ending their strike that has stretched for 81 days now.

The talks resumed with main focus centering on the salary and the controversial 2013 CBA that has already been dismissed by the government.

They arbitrated by the Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights are centering on the issue of the 300 percent pay hike demanded by the doctors based on a document which Treasury has ruled out as lacking in legal basis.

The talks commenced amid calls for both parties to soften their hard-line stance with KUDHEIHA secretary general Albert Njeru calling for more commitment from the government to resolve the industrial strife that has now clocked its 81 day.

The health crisis further deepened after clinical officers in Kirinyaga County down their tools over allowances.

The more than 500 clinical officers who demonstrated along kirinyaga streets claim they are being sidelined and discriminated by county government.