First Lady calls for a holistic approach to education


First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Friday said no nation can hope to achieve peace, stability and social cohesion without educating all its children.

She said a nation that prioritizes the education of its people averts many social problems and unlocks limitless opportunities.

“No nation which allows its children to wilt in the shadow of neglect, can ever hope to achieve social cohesion, peace, stability, economic prosperity, or any of the other goals which we all aspire to  in our society”, she said.

The First Lady spoke during the 6th edition of the annual Murang’a County Initiative (MCI-2017) Scholarships and Excellence Awards ceremony at Ihuura Stadium where she was the Chief Guest.

Those receiving scholarships and Awards of excellence at today’s functions included 33 students (full scholarships),   best performing and  improved  public primary schools  drawn from the 8 sub-counties of Murang’a ( trophies  and cash prizes of Sh 100,000 each).

Several best performing teachers (in respective subjects) from the county were also recognized and rewarded for their sacrifices.

The First Lady said an investment in the education of children amounts to an investment to the future of the nation.

She however called for a holistic approach to education to ensure effective emotional and cognitive development of children.

MCI has so far benefited over 200 students since its inception 6 years ago where it provides full secondary school scholarships to bright students from poor backgrounds.

After completing their secondary school education and proceeding to university, the beneficiaries continue undergoing mentorship programs from the MCI.

The pioneer group of MCI scholarship beneficiaries are now First Years at various universities.

Key stakeholders of the MCI program include the County Government, professional and business leaders, parents and teachers from Murang’a. Equity Bank founder and businessman Dr. Peter Munga is the chairman of the MCI.

Among those attending today’s function included Dr Munga, Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria, Senator Kembi Gitura, Teachers Service Commission Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia, Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege , County Director of Education Charles  Kyayira, top academicians  and several County leaders

The First Lady thanked the leadership of County Government for prioritizing education as one of the key pillars of Murang’a development agenda.

“I applaud the Muranga County Initiative (MCI) for your continued investment and commitment to this critical project”, she said.

She also lauded the parents and teachers from Murang’a for wholeheartedly embracing the MCI program and tirelessly supporting the children from the County.

The First Lady described the beneficiaries of MCI scholarships as a beacon of hope to their respective families, communities and the country.

She told the awardees that the scholarships provided them with an opportunity to become whatever they dreamed of as either scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, artists, businessmen and women or country leaders of the future.

“I want you to know that the MCI program is providing you a platform from which you can achieve your individual dreams and strive for the greatest goals”, she told the beneficiaries.

She said each of the beneficiaries has special abilities which should be nurtured for the benefit of the awardees and the nation.

“Remember that you each have special gifts and abilities to contribute to this country. And I urge you to continue taking advantage of the opportunities of education”, said the First Lady who called on past beneficiaries, some of who were present to be role models to younger minds.

She expressed satisfaction that the performance of students already in the program had a positive impact on the County’s education where the general Mean Score in the County has been steadily rising.

“There is no doubt that this kind of progress has resulted in the investment and interventions by the County Government in collaboration with initiatives like the MCI”. Said the First Lady.

The TSC CEO said there is need to address the huge wastage of students at National examinations from the County.

She said out of the 141 plain “A”s at last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), Murang’a County managed only  one “ A “ plain from Mugoiri Girls.