CA warns those using un-registered sim-card

By Nicholas Nduati

Telecommunications operators have been accused of continually allowing pre-activated sim cards to operate on their networks contrary to regulations.

According to communications authority Director General Francis Wangusi, their regular inspection and compliance initiatives on mobile network providers have unearthed this irregularity in addition to the fact that the authority is almost on a daily basis taking people to court found operating with unregistered sim-cards.

The requirement to have subscribers register their sim-cards operate has been in place since the year 2010 to among others boost national security and reduce phone related crime.

According to the Communication Authority of Kenya, mobile network operators have been reluctant to cut off communication for subscribers operating with pre-activated sim-cards.

This notwithstanding, the authority has warned Kenyans of dire consequences if found operating an un-registered sim-card by issuing various guidelines on the same.

The Authority says one is eligible to a fine of 100,000 shillings or six months in jail or both for using a sim card that is not registered.

Other offenses attracting a similar penalty include buying sim cards from hawkers and failure to report a lost sim card to a police station.

With the august general elections fast approaching, CA hopes that the new measures will tame misuse of mobile phones in the country, in a period constantly associated with the spread of hate messages.