Godhana defends his academic credentials

By  Emmanuel  Masha

Former Communications  Assistant Minister, Dhadho Gaddae Godhana says he is academically qualified to run for the Tana River Gubernatorial office.

Maj (rtd) Godhana has told his critics to verify the authenticity of his degree certificate with the Commission for University Education (CUE) and the institution he obtained his degree from instead of maligning his name.

The former Galole Member of Parliament alleged that his political competitors were worried about his growing popularity hence the malice to the effect that he did not have the requisite academic qualifications to run for governor’s seat.

He said this during an interview with journalists in Bura constituency where he has been holding meetings seeking the endorsement of minority communities to vie for the County’s topmost portfolio.

“The first people to doubt my papers were professionals from this County. They were however sent by elders to the institution in which I obtained my degree to verify whether it is authentic and they came with a positive answer that I indeed studied, qualified and graduated in that institution,” he said.

“Besides, I presented the papers to the Commission for University Education (CUE) which not only acknowledged the recognition of the institution but also said the papers were authentic,” he added.

He said if his critics were serious, they would have asked him to clarify the matter instead of spreading propaganda about his alleged lack of academic qualifications.

“The documents are mine and they are my weapons. I have not asked for theirs. All this noise is coming from those who are afraid of competition, but they should hold their horses,” Maj. Godhana said.

Independent investigations have revealed that Maj. Godhana is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Kimmage Development Studies Centre in Ireland, which he obtained on October 15, 2015.

A copy of the certificate, which is in the possession of the Kenya News Agency, indicates what Maj. Godhana received from the institution is a Higher Education and Training Award, which his critics contend is not a degree certificate.

His critics claim a transcript from the institution indicated that Godhana sat for only ten units, which they say do not qualify anybody to be awarded a degree.

However, a letter from the Commission for University Education, a copy of which the Kenya News Agency possesses, indicates that Kimmage Development Studies Centre is a recognized institution both in Ireland and in Kenya.

“It is hereby confirmed that Kimmage Development Studies Centre is a recognized institution in Ireland,” says the letter signed by Hudson W. Nandokha on behalf of CUE’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The qualification awarded by the said institution is also recognized in Ireland and by convention in Kenya,” the letter addressed to Maj. Godhana added but noted that the commission was not accountable for the certificate’s authenticity.

“The commission is not accountable for the authenticity of the certificate or the certificate holder presented for recognition and/or equation,” the letter noted.