DP: Gov’t vows to eliminate drugs at the coast


The government has affirmed its resolve to root out the drug menace in the coastal region.

Meeting coast region security committee in Mombasa County, Deputy President William Ruto affirmed that disciplinary action has already been taken against flagged drug barons in the region.

Ruto further pointed out that big chunks of the monies harvested from the illegal business is being used to fund major terrorism activities in the country, a situation he says the government will firmly deal with.

The DP who met with the top security teams from the coastal region to assess the ongoing crackdown on drug barons and terrorists said the crackdown, which was progressing well.

He said he would also target Government officers believed to be colluding or protecting the drug peddlers to continue with the illegal trade, thus ruining the lives of young Kenyans.

“Those engaging in drug business have very few days left. Their end as far as their business is concerned is imminent as there will be no space, room or time to continue with the vice in Kenya,” said Ruto.

Addressing the press outside Coast Provincial Headquarters after a closed-door security meeting, the Deputy President said the Government was investigating some of its officers colluding or protecting drug barons in the area.

“We are closely monitoring some Government officers who are either facilitating the drug barons or protecting them,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President who was flanked by Coast Regional Commissioner Nelson Marwa said the Government will not relent in the fight against the drug menace and urged Kenyans to support security officers in eliminating the vice.

“We appreciate the role being played by majority of our security officers in eliminating drug abuse. But we will also not hesitate to take stern action against the few officers undermining the fight against the illegal business,” said Ruto.

He said officers in the region have been asked to prioritize the war against drug dealers, which he said if unchecked will continue to ruin the lives of young people.

“Our security officers have firm and clear instructions on what should be done to deal decisively and conclusively with the dealers of drugs,” said Ruto.

He said the crackdown on drug dealers has been ongoing since Jubilee took over the country’s leadership in 2013 with combined efforts from its partners like the United States that has given the fight against the vice a new impetus.

The Deputy President, at the same time, warned officers at the Mombasa port who engage in crime that they would be prosecuted.

He said there was no way containers could disappear from the port without the knowledge of security and the port’s management.

“We should all know that Mombasa port is of significant importance to not only this country but our East African region at large. We should ensure all containers and other items going through the port are protected,” said Ruto.

He added: “It is upon those charged with the management of the port to ensure that the issue of disappearance of containers is stopped.”

The Deputy President also assured Kenyans that the Government has moved swiftly to contain famine that has hit some parts of the country including parts of coastal region.

He dismissed claims that the Government has imported maize to help deal with the challenge of starvation instead of buying the local produce.

“The assorted food that the Government has dispatched to the affected areas including maize, beans, rice among other items were bought from our local farmers,” said Ruto.

He asked those charged with the distribution of relief food to ensure only intended cases benefited from the foodstuffs.

“We have rolled out the programme to get food for the affected people at a cost of Sh 1.6billion across the country for the next five months. Everything possible is being done to ensure no one dies of starvation,” said Ruto.