Garsen MP set to retire from elective politics

Garsen Member of Parliament Ibahim Sane has announced that he would retire from elective politics at the end of the current parliamentary term.

He said he would hand over all projects he had initiated by June 30, 2017 in order to concentrate on the development of the entire Tana River County, with his main agenda being the removal of Governor Hussein Dado from power.

Speaking in Gafuru village after elders from the Wardei community nominated (through voting) Tana River County Assembly Speaker Nuh Nasir to vie for the gubernatorial seat, Mr. Sane said he was satisfied with the services he had rendered to the people of Garsen constituency.

“I am now training my eyes on bigger things, chief among them the removal of Governor Hussein Dado from office through the ballot because he has miserably failed the people of Tana River County,” he said.

He however did not say what role he would take in the management of the county affairs after Dr. Nasir emerged the winner in the tribal contest to get a candidate to represent the community in the August 8, 2017 polls.

“Governor Dado has spent more than Sh100 million to sponsor young men to wrestle the parliamentary seat from my hands,” he claimed adding, “Who will they remove from office now that I am not going to defend the seat?”

Mr. Sane said he had finished doing what he had intended to do for the people of Garsen and was embarking on a journey to save the entire county.

“My reason to join politics was to serve the people of Garsen and I know I have done well. Just go and ask the people of Garsen. We have now started the journey of removing this corrupt government from power,” he said.

Sane and his Bura counterpart Ali Wario have been the fiercest critics of Governor Dado’s administration, which they have accused of practicing corruption, nepotism and general ineptitude.

Governor Dado has however dismissed the two, together with former Assistant Minister Danson Mungatana, as mere blabber mouths with poor development records and having no clear agenda for the county’s residents.

“Those who do not see what I have done – from the first ever tarmac roads in Hola town to a modern market in Garsen town among many other projects – are blind,” he said recently, adding that he would be re-elected based on what he had done.

The governor is however facing a titanic battle after falling out with Galole MP Hassan Dukicha, who stood with him when Members of the Tana River County Assembly wanted to impeach him in September 2013.

He is now remaining with Senator Ali AbdiBule and Woman Representative Halima Ware, who have been playing middle-ground politics.

Deputy Governor JireSiyat, with whom the governor has had a frosty relationship since the time of the impeachment motion, has shifted his allegiance to those opposing the governor. He recently joined a group known as G8 led by Mr. Dukicha.

By Emmanuel Masha