CS Nkaissery warns politicians on hate speech

By Rose Gakuo

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery is warning politicians that they will not be allowed to spread hatred among Kenyans.

Nkaissery who was in Nyandarua said the government will crack hard on hate mongers who will attempt to use the campaign period to propagate selfish politics at the expense of peace and co-existence.

The Cabinet Secretary also warned local administrators against engaging in politics but stick to their code of ethics.

Nkaissery who was meeting chiefs said the government will deal with any hatemonger regardless of his status in society based on law.

He challenged local administrators to monitor political campaigns and ensure they put on record any one spreading hates speech so that action can be taken.

The CS also cautioned chiefs and their assistants against taking part in political campaigns and being partisans saying this was against their code of ethics.

Nkaissery at the same time denied allegations by the opposition that the government was threatening chiefs and their assistants over the on-going voter registration terming the claims far-fetched challenging them to seek other means of fighting the government instead of resorting to cheap politics.