Government to tap solar energy for use in schools

By Juney Karisa

The government will embrace use of solar energy in Marsabit and other arid and semi-arid parts of the country to ensure all citizens benefit from the digital literacy programme (DLP).

Principal Secretary for environment Charles Sunkuli who launched the Digital Literacy Programme in Korr primary school, Laisamis constitiuency, Marsabit County says focus has shifted towards embracing use of renewable energy in areas not connected to the national electricity grid.

The remote area is not connected to any national electricity grid, a major social and economic disadvantage to the locals as well as investors

It is for this reason that the government is undertaking a programme on renewable energy with emphasis on use of solar energy for power supply.

Principal Secretary for environment Charles Sunkuli who presided over the launch noted that the solar energy boost power supply to schools in the region.

Seventy two standard one pupils received tablets for use in the digital literacy programme following the successful setting up of a solar powered installation site. 343 gadgets have been supplied to four pilot schools in Marsabit County and are underway to supply the same to the remaining 134 primary schools

Meanwhile the government is expected to roll out the programme in 10 schools every week in each county starting next week as the first phase of the digital literacy programme.